Werner Herzog: "Piracy is the most successful way to distribute content in the world"

Werner Herzog

At the Visions in Nyon Film Festival in Switzerland, renowned filmmaker Werner Herzog gave several interviews in which he praised pirates. Not everyone in a row, but those who are involved in the distribution of film products and other media content. The director said bluntly: "If someone steals my films over the Internet or otherwise, good, you have my blessing."

According to Herzog, cultural piracy is not a harm, but an alternative. And it is the most successful form of information and art dissemination in the world. A person who has shot more than 60 films does not mind if they are uploaded to torrents. According to Herzog, he likes it when people pay him money for his work, but if you can't watch the movie on the official TV channel, then the pirated version is your legal choice.

In 2015, the European Commission received the results of a study commissioned by officials, which indicated that there was no commercial harm from piracy in the film industry. A few months ago, the University of Houston published their findings that pointed to the benefits of piracy as a form of content distribution for little-known authors. It is no secret that publishers are setting draconian demands and seeking to control as many sites on the Internet as possible, which makes independent content creators turn their backs on them.

According to Herzog, there are many things on the Internet that are far worse than piracy. For example, the stupidity of those who scribble comments on publications, often for no reason. The director claims to have watched 100, 000 tweets but never saw any meaningful tweets. He also admitted that he avoided the mobile Internet for almost a year, because he did not want to plunge into the web of social networks, where the level of stupidity exceeds all conceivable limits. Against the background of such things, piracy really seems like a trifle.