Apple patented a device that blocks cameras during concerts

Apple has patented a device that turns off iPhone cameras during large-scale concerts. The patent was named "A system and method for obtaining data through an infrared connection with a camera designed to detect images based on visible light."

The system consists of an infrared device for transmitting coded signals, located right on the stage, and a receiver (iPhone), which, having received and decoded the signal, turns off the photo and video functions.

Apple experts already foresee a wave of mass discontent among mobile users, which will thus be deprived of the opportunity to film the performances of their favorite artists. But, as it turned out, most are far from enthusiastic about the "sea of ​​iPhones" that fill the auditoriums during concerts and obstruct the view. The famous British singer Adele spoke about this in the following way:

"I'm here in real life, so you can enjoy music in real life, not through the camera."

On the other hand, one of the participants in the discussion of the patent expressed the opinion that the audience paid money for the ticket and have every right to watch the concert even through a kaleidoscope, wearing national costumes.