During quarantine, players will be able to compete with real pilots in virtual F1 races

While the largest sports tournaments are canceled around the world due to the coronavirus pandemic, the next Formula 1 race, which took place last Sunday, was not going to be canceled or even postponed.

The fact is that we are talking about the F1 Esports Virtual Grand Prix series in the F1 2019 version for computers, in which real Formula 1 pilots took part along with gamers.

The participants of the tournament had to overcome 28 virtual circles, which is half as much as in ordinary races. The final races were preceded by a qualifying session to determine positions at the start. Anyone wishing to see the online broadcast could do it on YouTube, Twitch and Facebook.

According to the Esports Chart, the competition was watched by about 400 thousand people, including almost 200 thousand on the YouTube channel, and over 100 thousand on the McLaren pilot on the Twitch channel. In total, the virtual races of the Bahrain Grand Prix were watched over 1, 2 million people.

Now, at least until May, virtual Grand Prix races will take place every weekend. Already next weekend, demo races will take place, which will give fans a virtual opportunity to compete with real F1 drivers. To equalize the chances of amateurs and real pilots, they will compete in the same vehicles with reduced physics of damage, while beginners will get a small game head start.