Pigs were taught to play video games using a snout

A group of researchers from Purdue University (USA) was able to prove the ability of pigs to master some computer game skills - in particular, they can manipulate a game joystick using their face. At the same time, animals also control what is happening on the display. In case of a successful solution of the assigned task, the pigs receive a reward.

So, they were required to move the cursor across the screen to touch one of its sides. When touched, a characteristic noise was heard, and the pig received a reward.

Because pigs are farsighted, the screens are positioned at a distance from which they can see objects, and so that it is convenient for them to switch their attention from the screen to the joystick. But even in spite of these difficulties, the pigs showed impressive dexterity.

The best results were shown by three-month-old Yorkshire pigs Hamlett and Omelelett in games where one or two sides had to be touched, slightly worse with three sides. More impressive were the results of Ebony and Ivory and a two-year-old Panepinto dwarf pig that successfully tackled three sides.

Scientists intend to go further and continue experiments using touch screens. In their opinion, this will provide an opportunity to reveal new playing skills in pigs.