The Orbi Smart Sports Helmet lets you watch the game from the first person

At CES 2019, Orbi unveiled a prototype football helmet with remote monitoring. It is the conceptual successor to the Orbi Prime glasses, which introduced a camera system for recording panoramic video a few years ago. Now this function has been refined and applied much more widely, up to saving the lives of players.

The Orbi is designed like a typical American football helmet, which integrates four cameras for shooting 360-degree video. The prototype has cameras with a resolution of 1080p / 30fps, the commercial model will have 4K / 60fps, which will allow editing video with parameters up to 8K. It is an interactive picture that can be viewed from any angle, studying the situation around the player wearing a helmet.

For data transmission, a communication module for 5G networks is used, which is extremely important - in addition to cameras, the helmet carries a 9-axis inertial measuring unit, a combination of an accelerometer and a gyroscope. They mark every blow, even a slap on the helmet, accurately recording the vector, force, contact time and coordinates of the incident on the ground. Real-time data is sent to the team coach's tablet, and he can see exactly which player is in trouble, where the danger comes from and what the situation is on the field. In this case, the data is automatically recorded in the user's medical record, to help doctors.

A three-dimensional panoramic view combined with collision monitoring is an excellent mechanism for analyzing the games played. The helmet will show what the player saw and what he could not see, what his attention was focused on, how the enemy and teammates acted, plus other useful game information. And, of course, such a video will become a source of content for action films dedicated to the most poignant moments in the game.