FlashBattery technology charges the drone's battery in 5 minutes

Most multicopter drones have a flight life of approximately 30 minutes, after which they need 1-2 hours to recharge their batteries. The Israeli company StoreDot, thanks to its FlashBattery technology, promises to reduce this time to five minutes.

FlashBattery contains chemically synthesized nanodots that form the basis of a multifunctional electrode that quickly charges like a supercapacitor and slowly discharges like a lithium-ion battery.

The chemical used is non-flammable and has a higher flash point than graphite. This reduces the resistance of the battery. In addition, the bioorganic raw materials required for the battery are environmentally friendly, inexpensive, and their natural reserves are very large.

StoreDot said a scaled-down version of the system was connected to an autonomous charging station for drones using the company's batteries. In this configuration, it took five minutes to fully charge the battery - however, the density of the energy stored in it is somewhat less than that of a lithium-ion battery.