StoreDot develops a battery for electric vehicles with a charging time of 5 minutes

The use of nanotechnology has allowed the engineers of the Israeli company StoreDot to create batteries for mobile phones and cars, the charging time of which is only 30 seconds and 5 minutes, respectively.

So far, we are talking only about a prototype that is quite cumbersome for a mobile device, but next year the company's specialists promise to bring it “to mind” and present it to potential buyers. The battery for electric vehicles is still in development, but StoreDot has already received investment for this phase.

As the creators of the unique battery assure, a 30-second charge will last for a day. According to StoreDot founder and CEO Doron Miyersdorf, the batteries were developed using completely new materials that have the properties of a super-dense sponge that absorbs and stores energy.

This technology is based on the creation of so-called "nanodots" from bioorganic peptide molecules, forcing the battery to work in the "fast absorption" mode and save energy. The project aroused great interest, as evidenced by the $ 48 million received by the company from a reputable Asian investor.