Mysterious metal monolith disappeared from Utah and appeared in Romania

Previous assumptions that with the disappearance of the mystical pillar from the canyon in Utah, the whole story is over, turned out to be incorrect. Yes, the mysterious object disappeared from American soil, where unknown persons established it so unceremoniously and without permission from the authorities. But only in order to reappear in another part of the world - near the sacred and legendary Mount Cahlau in northern Romania.

This time, those wishing to join the mystery will not have to look for it for a long time, an unknown force brazenly placed a pillar of metal just a few steps from the Petrodava Dacian fortress. This is the most important historical site, a symbol of the long wars between Ancient Rome and the country of the Dacians, which existed since 82 BC. to 106 AD, but was destroyed by the invaders to the ground. Of course, this is a protected area, an excavation site, but, like in the United States, no one asked the authorities for permission to install the monolith.

The metal pillar is visually similar to the Utah object, but has a strange pattern on the surface. The excavated land as evidence indicates exactly how it was placed here, next to it is the road along which the pillar, most likely, was brought. We must pay tribute to the authors of the venture, they caught up with a lot of mysticism, in particular, by deploying a triangular prism towards the nearby sacred mountain Cahlau, one of the seven natural wonders of Romania. The legend of Trajan and Dokii connects the mountain with a ruined fortress - an excellent ground for new rumors and speculations about the significance of the metal obelisk.