Top five tips to prevent cyber ransomware

Ransomware is a real threat to businesses and governments, including hospitals and schools. Cybersecurity expert Tom Merritt proposes five ways you can tackle pressure from them.

  • Protect every device in your company - install antivirus, implement a powerful firewall and update every piece of software with the latest patches;
  • Require your employees not to provide personal information in email, text messages, phone calls or instant messages. Scan all incoming messages for known threats;
  • Instruct away employees to use VPN when accessing any resources during their trip;
  • Disable any unnecessary Windows services. In particular, the Volume Shadow Copy Service does not always need to be enabled as it can be used by ransomware. In addition, you can disable PowerShell, Windows Script Host, File Sharing, and AutoPlay if you don't really need them;
  • Be sure to make some good quality backups of. At the same time, do not forget to save them separately from the main systems and remember the algorithm for their recovery. The easiest way to overcome the consequences of a cyber ransomware attack is to restore your own data yourself.

Of course, even all of these recommendations combined will not give a 100% guarantee against ransomware, but each of these steps increases the chances that your PC will be too tough for attackers.