YouTube launches its own TikTok counterpart - YouTube Shorts

TikTok, a Chinese video hosting service for creating short videos, is one of the most successful Internet projects of recent times, as evidenced by the huge number of its "clones" - Reels, Likee, Kwai, Vigo Video and others. Shorts, a new service from YouTube, will soon join this company.

Shorts will be beta testing in India. This is due to the fact that due to the sharply complicated Indo-Chinese relations, dozens of Chinese applications, including Tik-Tok, were blocked in this country. As a result, thanks to the new YouTube product, Indian users will again be able to create short music videos.

Shorts gives you the ability to create 15-second videos with music. Access to more than 100 thousand music tracks is provided along with the service. Initially, it will be available only to users of devices on Android, and a little later - on iOS.

There is no information yet when Shorts will appear in other countries.