The Sandcastle project will allow you to install Android on the iPhone

Android OS is adapted to almost all phones, watches, TVs and other gadgets. The only exception, of course, is Apple products. The goal of Correlium's Sandcastle project is to correct this “misunderstanding”.

The result of their work is the ability to install the beta version of the Android assembly on the iPhone right now. This became possible thanks to the Checra1n utility, which opens access to the file system of some devices, including the iPhone. Apple's reaction was predictable: late last year, it filed a lawsuit against Correlium.

However, without waiting for the outcome of the trial, Correlium invites everyone to take the risk and install a working (albeit not completely problem-free) Android build on their iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus.

If we evaluate the results of the work done, then they are more than modest: some of the "apple" hardware for Android does not function, including the camera, video accelerator, Bluetooth, audio module and cellular modem. Only the central processor, touchscreen and file system work. However, if you have an old, unnecessary iPhone 7 lying around, why not conduct such an extraordinary experiment?