American oncologists have found that electronic cigarettes are also dangerous

Electronic cigarettes are in high demand, especially among smokers who want to reduce their addiction to addiction. What is the e-cigarette?

With a certain external resemblance to an ordinary cigarette, this is still an electronic device equipped with a battery, a steam generator that produces steam with a small dose of nicotine, and an LED that simulates smoldering tobacco. The smoking process itself is absolutely identical to smoking regular cigarettes.

A group of oncologists at Boston University, led by Avrum Spira, nevertheless decided to check how smoking electronic cigarettes corresponded to their widely advertised harmlessness. The research results deserve the utmost attention.

In fact, electronic vapor, albeit to a lesser extent, but still contributes to gene mutations in bronchial cells, which can lead in the future to oncological diseases, which suffer from "traditional" smokers. Research is ongoing and the results will be submitted to the US Public Health Task Force.