China completes construction of world's tallest bridge

Located in Huibei province, the 496 m high Syduhe River Bridge gave up its title to the Beipanjiang site - its height reaches 565 m. It is a cable-stayed bridge over the Nizhu River canyon in Guizhou Province. A few days ago, engineers docked both sides of the bridge, completing the main structure.

The opening of traffic on the Beipanjiang Bridge is planned by the end of this year. The new transport artery will shorten the route from Liupanshui City, Guizhou to Huangwei, Yunnan from 5 am to 2 pm. It will pass in the same valley where the former height record holder was built in 2003-2005. The highest railway bridge, Shuibai Railway, is also laid here.

In addition to the record long distance from the bridge deck to the surface of the earth (in this case, the bottom of the gorge), Beipanjiang is almost unremarkable. And if we evaluate the size of the structure by the maximum height of its structure, then the French viaduct Millau remains the largest in the world, with its 343 m at the top of the main pillar.