In San Diego, they create a glucometer in the form of a self-adhesive tattoo

As you know, in order to determine the sugar level using a modern glucometer, you first need to pierce your finger with a special needle. This procedure for diabetics, although familiar (up to 8 times a day), is still very painful. A group of researchers at the University of San Diego (California) has developed a gentle monitoring technology that eliminates the need to draw blood with a needle.

The device is glued to the skin. It consists of printed electrodes applied to adhesive tape commonly used for temporary tattoos and a transducer connected to them. After a meal, the electrodes generate a current under the skin for 10 minutes. Since glucose is carried by sodium ions, which have a positive charge, the sensor, by measuring the amount of charge, simultaneously determines the level of sugar in the blood.

Scientists tested their device on seven patients and were convinced that the accuracy of the results obtained is quite comparable to the traditional "needle" method. Such a "tattoo" is designed for a day and will cost a few cents.

The creators plan to develop a continuous-action sensor and even expand the range of its action by creating a device on its basis that delivers the necessary medicine by a non-invasive method.