Unique Natural Antibiotics Discovered That May Help Fight Cancer

The search continues for unexplored types of microorganisms that will form the basis of a new generation of antibiotics. Encouraging news came from Siberia. Here, not far from Krasnoyarsk in the Big Oreshnaya Cave, a group of biologists from Irkutsk State University and their German colleagues discovered 10 previously unknown strains of actinobacteria.

As a result of selection, only one was selected. Its main advantage is the ability to produce a new type of antibiotic. According to representatives of the university, he easily coped with E. coli, the causative agent of thrush and is ready to measure his strength with malignant cells.

Great Nut Cave

The age of the found actinobacteria is estimated at millions of years. All this time they lived in the waters of a cave lake. From the isolated strain it is supposed to "extract" up to hundreds of compounds unknown to science.

Researchers are currently busy identifying open compounds and defining their future "professions". Scientists believe they will become the basis for anti-cancer and insecticidal drugs.