World's most powerful dual-use laser to launch in 2017

Another unpleasant news for those who persistently insist on Russia's technical lagging behind. The federal nuclear center in Sarov, better known as the place where the nuclear shield is forged and where the famous "Kuzkina Mother" - the Soviet hydrogen superbomb was built, is creating the world's most powerful laser installation.

In recent years, they have been actively involved in the laser theme and, as a result, the creation of the most powerful laser for today, the first stage of which will be tested at the end of next year. UFL-2M - this is the name of the facility - will become the property of specialists working in the field of high energy physics. It has a twofold superiority in power over the existing American and French counterparts.

UFL-2M has impressive dimensions. For its installation, a building with an area of ​​two football fields is required. Russian nuclear scientists do not hide the fact that the installation will have a dual purpose, which will make it possible to use it to create advanced types of weapons. It should be noted that the installation is almost entirely made of domestic components and has a reliable multi-stage safety system.