Augmented reality app will help you solve Rubik's cube

Imagine a world in which augmented reality empowers you by helping you navigate the street or providing the information you need at the moment. This day is just around the corner. For example, augmented reality can already help you solve the Rubik's cube.

Martin Spanel, a student at Charles University in Prague, called his app Mistr Kostky, which literally translates as "Cube Master". First, the algorithm determines the current state of the cube, then calculates and gives a solution to how to solve the cube in 20 steps or even less. Each subsequent step is shown directly on the puzzle using augmented reality.

The program is still under development. For example, it does not yet know how to adapt to user errors. But according to Martin, the work is underway and the first version of Mistr Kostky for Android will be released soon.