DARPA is building a Morpheus computer that cannot be hacked

DARPA has invested $ 50 million in the development of protection against ransomware viruses, and the Morpheus project may become the main weapon in the fight against them.

The development of the specialists of the University of Michigan is based on a simple concept. A computer cannot be compromised until a hacker finds and exploits a vulnerability. And if it is impossible to create an ideal code in which there are no "holes", then you just need to make sure that the vulnerabilities and weaknesses of the OS "elude" hackers. Those, after all, are also not omnipotent - if, while the attack is being prepared, the gap has time to disappear, their plans will be thwarted.

To this end, $ 3.6 million has already been spent on a system that is integrated into the hardware. Regardless of the software installed on the computer, Morpheus will randomly "shuffle" the data, keeping the system working, but radically changing its architecture. The details are kept secret as the project is being overseen by the military. DARPA wants to get a computer that will independently and constantly change so that hackers cannot pick up a master key for it.

The description of the project says: “Imagine that you are collecting a Rubik's cube and have already reached the home stretch, when suddenly it again finds itself in a chaotic state. All work goes down the drain and everything has to be started anew. " It turns out that it does not matter if the vulnerabilities actually exist and which ones. A hacker will never get enough time to calmly examine the system and identify its weaknesses.