Pokemon Go caused car accident in New York

A new attack called Pokemon Go hit smartphone users. Millions of owners of gadgets around the world, like zombies, without noticing anything around, catch virtual creatures on the streets of cities. The fact that this is fraught with serious consequences is evidenced by a car accident in New York.

According to the Police Department, the 28-year-old driver, while driving, became so addicted to catching Pokemon that he crashed into a tree, which he himself later admitted to. Although he did not receive significant injuries, the case raises serious concerns. According to Police Chief Sean Butler, "This is not a case where common sense has triumphed."

Sean Butler made an appeal to New Yorkers to be safe and sound if they did start playing Pokemon Go and not do it while driving.

“It’s scary, ” he lamented, “that people can be so fixated on their phone, not caring at all about what is happening around them.”