Creator of "Black Mirror": the world is full of stress and he doesn't need a new season of the series now

Charlie Brooker, writer and main creator of the dystopian series Black Mirror, was interviewed by the British edition of the Radio Times, in which he stated that he would not be working on the 6th season of the series. Brooker believes that he must take a break, and instead of new horrors and gloomy warnings, do the exact opposite. For example, write a funny comic strip or write a comedy script.

According to Brooker, the world is already in the "epicenter of the storm", and it is largely the fault of the people themselves. A pandemic is not as terrible as a collapse of the economy, a stop in traffic, impoverishment and loss of hope among millions of people caused by inept policy responses. Those in power are at a loss, the future looks rather bleak and the people are preparing to survive in conditions where no one can offer any concept of salvation. And do all this need to come up with some other horrors?

There is a time to scare and warn, to visualize fears and apprehensions. And there is a time when you need to inspire, reassure, and instill confidence. The whole concept of "Black Mirror" was created for the first one, but now it is completely irrelevant. Instead of filming season 6, Brooker intends to brush up on his comic-making skills.