The new board game St. Noire creates a convoluted detective story with Alexa

Atari Co-Founder Nolan Bushnell and Hollywood Creative Director Zeya Ortiz have announced a new game, St. Noire. It is created at the intersection of classic board games and modern technology of voice assistants. To play, you need to use the services of Alexa, which voices what is happening and evaluates the actions of the players.

The plot of the game "St. Noire" is a classic detective story - a mysterious murder took place in a small town. A dozen suspects, dozens of plot lines, different motives, murder weapons, details of the incident, etc. The game is similar to the old "Clue", but with the difference that the presentation of information takes place mainly through the voice assistant.

The plot is generated anew for each session to avoid repetitions. The voices of the characters were voiced by professional actors who recorded 1200 lines of dialogue. Most of the information is deliberately false, as the suspects want to put the detectives on the wrong track. Players ask questions to Alexa, which, depending on the plot, voices the characters' lines.

The game is multiplayer, and players compete among themselves who will be the first to guess all the details of the murder. The cost of the kit, which does not include Alexa itself, is $ 40. The game will officially debut at San Diego Comic Con on July 20.