Eye boxes increase fundraising by nearly 50 percent

Researchers in Northern England conducted an experiment to draw people's attention to simple tasks. For example, fundraising — over a period of 11 weeks, a busy supermarket was regularly displaying boxes that were redesigned according to an experiment program. It turned out that the best effect is provided by a simple sticker with the image of the eyes.

There is no need for photographic resemblance, artistic expressiveness - on the contrary, a symbol, the simplest image of eyes, is enough to attract people's attention. Experimenters regularly changed the size, shape and color of the boxes, came up with new reasons for fundraising, changed their placement. And everywhere there was a tendency - on average, 48% more money was put in containers with eyes.

In parallel, it was noted that on busy days and hours, the "eye effect" was almost reduced to nothing, the increase in donations did not exceed 30% of the "norm". But when the building was relatively empty and quiet, people donated money 60% more often. It is not difficult to understand that there was a personal contact, albeit a virtual one - in the crowd other people's gaze blurred, but in loneliness you feel someone's gaze more strongly. Even when it comes to a simple drawing.

This effect can and should be used to create an atmosphere of friendliness in the operation of interactive systems, such as robotic assistants in the same shopping centers. The attitude to the faceless car is appropriate, and visual contact forces people to take the interlocutor seriously.