Scientists have developed a graphene-based hair dye

Technologies of the future miraculously penetrate into different spheres of our life. For example, at the University of Illinois, the team of Professor Jiaxing Huang created a hair dye in which graphene is the working substance. Miracle paint is non-toxic, resistant to washing off, quick to apply, cheaper than conventional paint, and in addition serves as an energy platform for wearable electronics.

A typical hair dye contains a chemically aggressive substance like ammonia that breaks down and breaks open the scales of the cuticle, the protective layer of the hair. Then the active ingredients penetrate and change the color of the hair, in fact, poisoning it. Particles of toxins are very small and can seep into the blood, but even if the risk is minimal, in any case, the hair suffers greatly from such exposure.

Graphene is only one atom thick, but consists of large pieces of film that simply wrap around the hair. All that remains is to add adhesive and dye polymers, and we get a coating that does not harm the hair. And so durable that even after 30 sessions of shampooing your hair it does not disappear anywhere. One problem is that the choice of shades is limited between black and brown.

Thin but large films of graphene do not penetrate the skin, they are non-toxic and have anti-static properties. If you take low-quality, discarded graphene oxide, you get a very cheap material, akin to coal dust. The coloring process is reduced to spraying the mixture and drying, a maximum of 10 minutes for everything. And in addition, the hair becomes conductors of electric current - you can attach a hair clip-gadget and supply power to it without any wires, right through your hair.