Vatican introduced "electronic rosary" for believing technocrats

The Catholic Church, through official services at the Vatican, has taken another step towards attracting technologically savvy youth. Recently, the eRosary gadget appeared on sale, which belongs to the category of wearable electronics and is a digital analogue of the classic rosary.

Technically, eRosary is a supervisor for the use of regular rosary beads made of black agate and hematite. The device records when the user prays, how often, which prayers he chooses, how much time he devotes to prayers during the day, etc. To do this, it communicates with an application on a smartphone. There are also instructions for using the rosary, prayer texts, and useful background information.

The Vatican notes that the eRosary was created to follow the spirit of the times, it is not so much a religious instrument as a personal device of the believer. For example, if someone wants to make a vow and read a certain number of prayers in the allotted time, the rosary will regularly inform him about the progress. Just like a fitness bracelet notifies you of the number of steps taken or calories burned. The price of new items is also matched to modern gadgets - $ 110.

The emergence of eRosary was another step for the Vatican in the development of advanced technologies. Few know that Pope Francis actively maintains an Instagram account - through his assistants. Telegram has channels for consulting posts, and the first iPhone app from the Catholic Church was created back in 2008. One of the last major projects is the creation of a detailed map of the interior of the Sistine Chapel, where all the elements were photographed within 65 days with an accuracy of 10 mm. Received 270, 000 high-resolution images will help with possible restoration work.