Hyperstealth Biotechnology has developed an invisible material for the military

The Canadian company Hyperstealth Biotechnology is known worldwide as a manufacturer of camouflage uniforms. Last October, it applied for a patent for the thin, inexpensive Quantum Stealth cloaking material that does not require a power supply, making it attractive for combat use. The fact is that he makes the objects behind him invisible.

According to a company press release, the material refracts light around an object, creating an "invisible" effect. Quantum Stealth can distort light in the ultraviolet to infrared range. Objects hidden behind it become visible only at a distance of several meters.

There are three Hummers on the table

The video presented by Hyperstealth shows how the invisible camouflage completely hides the smaller version of the tank located under it. In another episode, the same thing happens with a jet fighter.

Hyperstealth has no doubts that the army will definitely want to "arm" itself with the invisible material as soon as a patent for it is obtained.