Devialet Introduces Phantom Premium Speaker System

The novelty successfully combines compact size and solid power. For the judgment of future buyers, two versions are presented - Phantom and Silver Phantom with a capacity of 750 and 3000 W, respectively, which is in no way inferior to full-size floor acoustics.

It took the company's specialists 10 years to create the Devialet Phantom. In the five years since the first line of amplifiers was released, they have received 77 patents and 37 awards for unique sound and design quality. Last year alone, 3, 500 items were sold for $ 15 million.

Devialet Phantom uses its own development - ADH technology, which provides loud and clear sound. The Heart Bass Implosion technology is responsible for the low frequencies, embodied in domed low-frequency drivers, which are placed on opposite sides in vacuum boxes. The original speaker layout makes it four times more powerful than similar woofers and six times more compact.

Sales are expected to start this year. The standard version - the Phantom will cost $ 1, 990, and the 3, 000-watt Silver Phantom - $ 2, 390.