Xiaomi introduced a segway with smartphone support

Today, Xiaomi, which in just five years has managed to overcome the path from an obscure Chinese startup to one of the leading manufacturers of mobile electronics, presented a compact segway to the public. It was co-created with Ninebot.

The device, dubbed the Xiaomi Ninebot Nine, is a portable segway scooter weighing only 12.8 kg. The Segway is made from a magnesium alloy used in aviation to create airplanes. The maximum speed that the device can develop is 16 km / h, moreover, you can drive up to 22 km without recharging.

Xiaomi positions the Ninebot Nine as a "cool teen toy" that fits easily into the trunk of a car and is compatible with mobile devices. Using a smartphone, the user can update the Segway firmware, track its speed, location and other data.

In China, Xiaomi Ninebot Nine will go on sale on November 3, and then will probably appear in European countries. The issue price is $ 315.