Scientists launch a global quest to create a new message for aliens

It has been 44 years since the legendary Arecibo Message was sent to the vastness of the Universe from Earth. And astronomers, and with them other scientists, decided - it would be nice to repeat, remind our alien colleagues of ourselves. At the same time, the news will tell you what we have achieved here in half a century, so to prepare the text of the message, you need to include the opinion of young talents in it.

But who will be given the right to vote, who will be honored to leave their personal thoughts in the new Arecibo Message? Everything will be decided by an honest competition - on December 16, the first stage of the global competition starts. Teams of students and schoolchildren can take part in it, no more than 10 people in each. They will have to solve an unknown number of problems, puzzles, problems, etc., in order to earn the right to compose a message into space within a year.

Participants will be checked exactly on the criteria related to space, aliens, first contact, etc. These are tasks in exact sciences, historical events, analysis and planning of missions, solution of philosophical and moral riddles, demonstration of personal qualities. A lot will be associated with coding, ciphers, intuition and other things that help to exchange information. We do not know how they think there, in distant space, which means that the message will have to be composed in such a way as to avoid errors of interpretation, and for this it is necessary to understand the issue.

Even the very registration of teams for participation and compliance with the regulations is a separate competition. Everyone is invited, a lot of surprises and unusual plot twists are promised as the participants progress through the stages. The results will be summed up in October 2019.