Los Angeles creatives shot a movie with augmented reality glasses

Los Angeles-based artist and activist Lauren Halsey captured the everyday life of her creative team in a short 4-minute video. But she took it off in an unusual way - not on a camera or even on a phone, but on Snapchat Spectacles 3 glasses with two built-in cameras and four microphones.

Creatives have previously used this device to create music videos with augmented reality effects, and now the team is moving to a fundamentally new format for filmmaking. Snap teamed up with Lauren to create the first short in the series to be shot entirely with Spectacles 3 glasses.

Halsey's four-minute clip is called Summaeverythang. Halsey, a community-based organization that distributes food to low-income citizens in the Watts and South Central Los Angeles neighborhoods, has the same name. In the film, the girl shows the daily life of the team - for example, here they sort sets of products into boxes, and here they create an art object.

Snap has also released an additional video showing the "behind the scenes" work on the short. Here Halsey shares her experience of using augmented reality to add meaning to her artwork.