An enthusiastic programmer created a remake of Sid Meiers Civilization ... in Excel

Time is inexorable and fleeting. So the world famous "Civilization", developed for MS-DOS by Syd Mayer and Bruce Shelley while working at MicroProse, and on which several generations of gamers have grown, has turned 28 years old. It also means that it is hopelessly outdated.

It was hardly possible to assume that "Civilization" will find a second wind, but this is exactly what happened: an enthusiastic user under the nickname sOLLy on the Reddit forum announced the creation of a remake of a famous game that works ... in an Excel spreadsheet.

He took part in the OLC (One Lone Coder) CODEJAM 2019 programmer competition, presenting his project called s0lly’s [CELL] IVIZATION, which took him only 7 days to create.

The updated version still differs from the original, including the ability to move your units or camera independently of each other and create your own customized units.

Well, since s0lly’s [CELL] IVIZATION works in an Excel spreadsheet, users can quickly switch to the work tab if a vigilant boss approaches their desk. So far, only one type of victory has been realized in the game - the destruction of the opponent's civilization.

If [CELL] IVIZATION is in demand, the developer promises to add new features to it, including diplomacy, technology tree and gold as a key resource. The game is available for free from the s0lly website.