British teen lost sight and hearing after years of fast food diet

Last week, doctors from the UK turned to the media for help in publicizing one case, in order to reveal a little-known problem and prevent new incidents. A British teenager became disabled - and it happened unnoticed by others, and even the attending doctors for several years could not understand what was happening to him.

The young man was admitted to the hospital for the first time at the age of 14 with a complaint of excessive fatigue. His body weight was normal, there were no bad habits, tests showed only low levels of vitamin B12. The doctor prescribed courses of vitamins, but a year later the patient recalled himself - he started having problems with hearing, and then with vision. By the age of 17, the young man actually became disabled, while the doctors knew for sure that he did not use prohibited substances and was leading a normal life. Everything was in order with the physique, the teenager did not starve or overeat.

The only clue was persistently low vitamin B12 levels, as well as increased blood cell size. Psychologists took over the patient, and then it turned out that since childhood he had not eaten anything except french fries, chips, white bread and sausage. Hot on the trail, the adolescent had low levels of copper and selenium, high levels of zinc, surprisingly low levels of vitamin D, and low bone mineral density. This is a typical case of an eating disorder, but in its most extreme form.

This disorder is common in poor countries, where people are forced to survive for years on an extremely monotonous diet, but not in developed regions with affordable rich diets. However, the personal habits of the young British led to the fact that due to a lack of nutrients, his optic and auditory nerves were partially atrophied. The doctors managed to stabilize his condition, but the young man will remain disabled forever.