Sberbank repels large-scale DDoS hacker attack

Last Tuesday turned out to be difficult for the cybersecurity system of Sberbank, which was subjected to a large-scale hacker attack.

According to experts, this was undoubtedly a well-prepared, carefully planned action aimed at the company's online resources. DDoS attacks involved tens of thousands of computers dispersed in several dozen countries.

The cyber attack was carried out almost exactly in accordance with military tactics. The first morning attack resembled a reconnaissance in force, after which a real assault began in the evening in several stages, with each new stage doubling the intensity of the attack.

To the credit of Sberbank's cybersecurity service, it did not disappoint. All attacks of the attackers were detected in time and successfully repelled.

According to the head of Sberbank German Gref, in 4 years hackers will be able to damage the global banking system, amounting to one trillion dollars, so the bank's management does not intend to save on security. Last year alone, the cost of information security exceeded 1.5 billion rubles. And at the end of this year, the second stage of the creation of the Security Council information security center should be completed.