Project Alias ​​gadget will prevent voice assistants from spying on you

Today, millions of people use Google Home and Amazon Echo as voice home assistants, resulting in an increasing number of accompanying accessories being launched on the market. So, at CES-2019, dozens of companies announced gadgets that complement Google Assistant and Alexa, which significantly expand their capabilities, in particular, to control smart homes.

Among them, the Project Alias ​​gadget deserves special attention, developed by hackers - and part-time designers - Bjorn Karman and Tore Knudsen.

Project Alias ​​is a small open source device that sits on top of a voice assistant and relays user commands to it. The peculiarity of this process is that thanks to the gadget, the possibility of information leakage is excluded, since it possesses AI and learns locally - that is, it follows the commands of only its user.

The need for Project Alias ​​was not an accident. As it turned out, voice assistants are either easily tapped, or completely "share" the information received with someone who is not clear. Having such an intermediary at his disposal, he can be programmed to transmit commands different from those that he hears, which allows him to customize him for "himself".