Little Printer Gadget Will Allow Physical Messaging

Initially, the concept of a miniature printer from the Berg studio was intended for quick printing from the Internet of small fragments of curious information - news, anecdotes, memes, photos, etc. The novelty turned out to be unclaimed, and in 2014 the project's servers were closed. And now the Nord Projects studio has taken up the revival of the concept, which has acquired a new status.

Little Printer hasn't changed structurally, but now the device uses the new open source Sirius server. It also got its iOS app and integration with the Share sheet service to receive print orders directly from there. Little Printer now has its own API, and therefore you can, for example, connect to the popular IFTTT service and print data from the RSS feed.

All Little Printers can be linked together to create a common communication network. Each gadget in it receives a unique identifier that can be linked to a phone number and printed as a QR code. Further, the owners, based on these identifiers, flexibly configure access to their gadget and can receive quick messages that are immediately printed on paper and appear in front of them.