Amazon Echo - the computer of the future?

Imagine that one day, instead of the usual manipulation of a computer mouse or a finger on the screen of a smartphone, to obtain the necessary information, all you have to do is say a phrase addressed to a computer: "Remind me to buy shampoo" or "How many satellites does Saturn have?" And literally in a moment he will answer your question in a pleasant female voice.

Last week, Amazon unveiled its exciting new product, the Echo smart speaker with a personal question-and-answer system, Siri, specifically designed for iOS.

The Echo does not have a screen, but it is equipped with a sensitive microphone that "hears" a command or question from the farthest corner of the room. For the system to work, you need to say the keyword "Alexa", after which the virtual all-knowing interlocutor begins to answer questions.

Thanks to the intelligent Siri system, Echo can easily recognize voices. It can be connected to one of the home appliances commonly found in so-called “smart homes”. With it, you can listen to your favorite music or turn on the thermostat.

The world's largest high-tech companies are increasingly implementing voice control systems into their interfaces. It is not surprising if in the near future “smart” refrigerators, televisions, washing machines and security systems that respond to the voice of the owner of the house will “settle” next to us.