A team of American scientists invents a microphone jamming bracelet

A team of computer science professors at the University of Chicago have invented an electronic bracelet that mutes any nearby microphones, including those found in smart speakers.

It is known that the new "bracelet of silence" is equipped with 24 speakers capable of emitting imperceptible ultrasonic signals. Microphones perceive them as static noise, drowning out any speech that the owner does not want to make public.

"Smart" speakers (a hardware element of voice assistants - ed. TechCeult.ru) and microphones have recently become the property of millions of users. According to national public media in the United States, 24% of adults in the country have smart speakers at home, thereby "trusting" their privacy to such Internet giants as Amazon and Google - the developers of the corresponding voice assistants.

At the moment, the "bracelet of silence" is just a prototype. However, according to the researchers, it is not difficult to set up its serial production, as a result of which it will cost about $ 20, and then the representatives of the special services, traditionally engaged in electronic wiretapping, may face serious problems.