In the fight against infections, animals do without pills

As it turned out, the creation of antibiotics has become a dead-end direction in the fight against infections. Today, the causative agents of many dangerous infections get along well with them. And at the same time, our smaller brothers - representatives of the fauna, without resorting to pills, successfully cope with this scourge.

One such example is the struggle of salmon with sea lice, tiny copepods, bothering fish with painful bites, which can ultimately lead to their death.

Salmon perfectly coped with this problem, "entering into an alliance" with small fish, which are happy to eat parasites - greenfinch, rainbow and comb wrasse, smallmouth centrolabus. The effectiveness of this symbiosis is simply amazing. One wrasse can heal up to 100 salmon, and a crested wrasse - up to 150.

Ants, famous for their "social immunity", keep up with salmon. If one of them dies, then the rest of the ants instantly react to it, removing it away from the anthill and thus protecting themselves from the danger of possible infections.

Also, many animals have a habit of grooming themselves. As it turned out, this is a preventive measure, the same as picking up parasites from the skin by primates.