The Japanese introduced underwear that protects against radiation

The renowned Japanese manufacturer of swimwear and sportswear Yamamoto Corporation has introduced a new line of underwear. It is designed primarily for residents of settlements in Fukushima Prefecture, where in 2011 a major radiation accident occurred at the Fukushima nuclear power plant due to natural disasters.

A special feature of the new underwear and wetsuits from Yamamoto Corporation is special radiation protection. The underwear has a unique lead coating, which, according to the manufacturer, reliably protects the body from harmful gamma rays. But the wetsuit protects against beta rays. Radiation causes a number of serious diseases, including cancer.

Representatives of the Yamamoto Corporation claim that wearing underwear and a wetsuit, a person can not only be in the territory of radioactive contamination, but also dive into radioactive water.

Sales of unique anti-radioactive underwear will start before the end of November. Protective underwear will cost US $ 825, with an additional US $ 1, 070 for a wetsuit.