Copper ion masks kill 99.9% of coronavirus particles

British scientists have discovered a cheap and practical remedy for the prevention of coronavirus infection. They drew a parallel between an anti-odor product for athletes and the viral nature of COVID-19. It turned out that just a little copper is enough to defeat the virus.

British startup Copper Clothing develops and manufactures fabrics and ready-to-wear clothing, sports uniforms and underwear that have built-in odor protection. It uses the antibacterial properties of copper, which inhibits the growth of microorganisms. This effect has been known since ancient times - dishes, medical instruments and even doorknobs made of copper alloys do not participate in the transfer of pathogenic organisms, because they die before they can move to a living carrier.

Microbes feed on a person's sweat, and a bad smell is the result of their vital activity. Copper ion-impregnated clothing kills germs and removes odors. And if you do the opposite and focus specifically on the elimination of the dangerous living environment? Experiments have shown that the copper barrier successfully destroys COVID-19 - moreover, Copper Clothing says that their new fabric with copper ions destroys 99.9% of all microorganisms that enter it.

The process takes time, on the order of several hours, at least two, but cases have been recorded when the coronavirus on the tissue was eliminated in just 60 seconds. Hence the concept of the new weapon - adding a copper layer to the face masks. It will be very cheap and will be able to destroy all the particles of the coronavirus that an infected person breathes out. Thus, the carrier of the disease becomes much less infectious, which will significantly help in the fight against COVID-19.