Scientists from Tomsk have created an "all-seeing" device to prevent terrorist attacks

The problem of preventing terrorist acts today is more urgent than ever. Intelligence agencies around the world are in dire need of devices with which you can identify items that pose a real danger.

One of these devices is the Radar-Eye-Anti-Shahid radar, the brainchild of a team of scientists from Tomsk State University. Its all-seeing electronic eye is far superior to conventional metal detectors in "observation". Within a radius of 10 meters, he can easily determine, for example, in an ownerless cardboard box, the presence of everything related to electronics - diodes, starting devices, microcircuits, and so on.

Ksenia Zavyalova, a representative of the university's press service, spoke about the results of a comparative experiment, in which a metal detector and "Radioglaz-Antishahid" were involved. The participant was provided with a set of items that we usually carry with us, adding to it an inconspicuous trigger, lost at the bottom of the bag.

As scientists expected, the metal detector "mastered" a set of keys, a mobile phone and a few more metal trinkets. But when the "Radioglaz-Anti-Shahid" got down to business, the potential "terrorist" did not have the slightest chance to escape exposure - the launching device immediately "lit up" on the radar screen. However, he was in the next room.

The device is absolutely safe for humans and will certainly be in demand by security services in crowded places. "Radioglaz-Antishahid" will instantly determine the location of the suspicious object and its owner.