Signal-proof cloak will save you from electronic espionage

Tablets, phones, laptops - a modern person can no longer do without these mobile wearable gadgets. This also means that a lot of our personal data can be tracked. Hackers or government intelligence agencies can have near-instant access to our information if they really want to. What to do, how to protect yourself from such overly curious behavior?

If you know what a Faraday cage is, you will immediately get the idea. But just in case, we tell you that this is a device made of a conductive material that blocks electromagnetic waves and signals. The Jammer Coat, which is essentially a wearable Faraday cage, is designed in the same way.

Made from metallic fabrics, the Jammer Coat effectively blocks radio waves and signals from tracking devices. The raincoat comes with a variety of pockets for tablets and phones, keeping them safe from electronic espionage.

In addition, the original cloak hides your body shape, creating the "illusion of multiple body parts without any personality." But, perhaps, Jammer Coat is not for you if you want to maintain your privacy and at the same time remain fashionable.

Be that as it may, Jammer Coat is just one of the first pieces of a whole line of clothing and devices designed to ensure our "electronic" security.