Microsoft Edge's new features make it unexpectedly a rival to Chrome and Firefox

Microsoft Vice President Liat Ben-Tzur spoke about the company's complete rethinking of the browser of tomorrow. Thanks to new features, Microsoft Edge now not only catches up with Chrome and Firefox in terms of comfort and functionality, but is also able to take the lead in this age-old race. The browser was built from the ground up using the Chromium engine and provides unprecedented control over users' online data.

Password check and anti-tracking

Edge got a tool to analyze passwords and compare them with known character combinations that have already been compromised. This applies to all types of accounts - when the browser detects vulnerabilities, it itself suggests making adjustments. And in order to keep these activities undetected by intruders, Edge offers several levels of blocking third-party trackers. From total protection against tracking to weeding out only confirmed pests.

Immersive Reader

A tool for processing text on open pages that helps to highlight the main thing and weed out garbage. This can happen both graphically, when the browser darkens explicit ads and emphasizes important terms, meanings, names, or in audio format - if necessary, Edge will read the text, highlight unfamiliar words, divide phrases into parts and help with translation or interpretation of words. This option is useful for teaching children or learning new languages.

Vertical sorted tabs

The tab bar has moved to the right, become vertical and wider - now it will be problematic to accidentally close the tab with an awkward mouse movement. Adding, moving, searching and grouping tabs is now easier and more intuitive. For example, you can easily create a new section for a specific task and add thematic tabs there.