Google Gigapixel Camera lets you see every brushstroke on the canvases of great artists

Google introduced a high-resolution robotic artcam, with the help of which any computer or smartphone user will be able to see in detail (up to individual strokes) the paintings of Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Monet, Pissarro, Signac and other prominent artists.

According to Google Cultural Institute engineer Ben John, zooming in on a picture is a bit like examining it with a magnifying glass. Digital technologies make it possible, above all, for artists and experts to study immortal canvases in the smallest detail.

For the first time, such an experiment was carried out 5 years ago with the help of highly specialized expensive equipment, which required a qualified specialist to ensure its operation.

Google's robotic camera is significantly faster. For a thorough scan of the canvas, it takes 30 minutes. The art camera is installed in 25 museums around the world. How much this pleasure costs is Google's secret. But everyone can take advantage of the fruits of her labor.