Microsoft has introduced a prototype of a predictive touch screen

It is possible that the displays of the next generation of Windows mobile devices will be able to predict our actions. Microsoft Research, a research arm of Microsoft, has developed pre-touch technology. Now it is enough to bring your finger to the desired icon on the screen, and the device will immediately prepare the necessary context menu.

Similar technologies have been tried before. An example is Cypress Semiconductor's True Touch technology, which fixes a finger hovering over the display. Microsoft Research has gone further with the first to offer a capacitive touchscreen that simultaneously pre-sensing and detects touch.

The screen reacts to the angle and speed of the finger's approach to a specific location and immediately offers new context menus and predicts interaction options. As the skills of using a new device improve, it will be able to adapt to various user actions.

One example of the use of new technology is video player controls, which appear on the screen only when you bring your finger to the display.

Watch the technology in action in a video presented by Microsoft: