Realtors are trying to sell an old silo for nuclear missiles

At the height of the Cold War between 1963 and 1980, in the United States near Tucson, Arizona, there were 18 silos with nuclear-armed Titan-2 ICBMs in operation.

After the end of the Cold War, the underground structures were decommissioned and put up for sale to private individuals. As a result, according to the Arizona Daily Star, in 2002 a certain Rick Ellis purchased one of the mines for $ 200, 000.

Last Friday, Ellis put it up for sale at $ 395, 000, but the property itself looks very deplorable: you can go down only a 12-meter retractable staircase, and the interior walls are covered with peeling lead paint.

However, those wishing to purchase such an unusual property in order to turn it into a doomsday refuge will still have to convince the current owner to part with it.

And these are not empty words - Rick Ellis has already turned down two potential buyers, one of whom intended to use the bunker as a greenhouse for marijuana, and the other as a post-apocalyptic porn studio.