Recycled plastic bottles are paving the way in Los Angeles

According to the Fast Company business magazine, the Los Angeles administration has hired TechniSoil Industrial to repair one of the city's roads. During this project, the company proposed using a mixture of recycled plastic and asphalt.

As you know, in the process of traditional road repairs, the top layer of asphalt is removed, which is a mixture of bitumen with pieces of stones, sand and gravel. TechniSoil suggested using recycled PET, which is used in the production of plastic bottles, as a binder.

Now, instead of throwing away the old asphalt and replacing it with new ones, the company is using a machine that has been dubbed the "recycling train." She crushes old asphalt, mixes it with liquid plastic and places it in the base of the future renewed pavement.

As a result, as experts have calculated, during the repair of each kilometer of the road, it will be possible to save on 26 trucks, which would be required for the removal of old asphalt and the supply of new materials.