Engineering students from the Netherlands collect a car from recycled waste

A team of enthusiasts from the Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands has completed the ambitious Luka project. This is the name of a small yellow car, which consists almost entirely of skillfully recycled waste. It was created not for practical use, but as an illustrative, valid example that you cannot treat garbage as waste, because in fact it is a valuable raw material.

True, in order for the contents of a garbage can to become a machine, knowledge and competencies are needed, the development of which students are engaged in. For example, it turned out to be not enough to fish plastic from the sea and divide it into fibers, so we had to sort it by types and design a combined structure from them in order to achieve the required rigidity. In combination with linen fibers, the material from which the Luka chassis is made - it weighs only 400 kg.

In the course of work on the project, the students found out that toxic paints are advantageously replaced by colored films obtained from recycled packaging polyethylene. And in a special way, recycled PET is transformed into something that feels like suede - this material is used for the upholstery of the seats and the interior of the car. Coconut flakes and horsehair were used as padding for the seats.

The car has an electric transmission and two electric motors, and since it is very light, it can accelerate to 90 km / h. The energy reserve is enough for a very decent 220 km for such a homemade product. The car can hold two passengers and some luggage.