Scientists: Stonehenge stones were used as an astronomical calculator

The mysticism of the ancient stones of Stonehenge still excites the imagination of our contemporaries. A group of scientists from the University of Adelaide (Australia) presented evidence that ancient stones are located in a certain way in relation to celestial bodies.

According to project leader Gale Higginbottom, this study finally proved that the ancient British "connected heaven and earth" by installing stones, and continued to do so for the next 2, 000 years. These are several ancient stone structures in the British Isles, including Callanish on Lewis Island and Stenniss on Orkney Island. It is believed that they were erected around 3100 BC, that is, much earlier than the legendary Stonehenge appeared.

Using computer simulations, the researchers were able to reconstruct the position and orientation of the standing stones. Analysis showed that it was consistent with the movement of the Sun and Moon. In addition, scientists have found a connection between the surrounding marker stones with the passage of planets through the horizon.

The choice of location was the key to the order of the stones, which influenced the possibility of astronomical observations from that point.

"They chose the location, " says Higginbottam, "taking into account how the Sun and Moon were visible at the time of sunrise and sunset during the period when the Moon is at its northernmost point above the horizon, which happens only once every 18.6 years."

Scientists believe that our ancestors decided to install these huge stones within the surrounding landscape exactly in accordance with the astronomical knowledge that they then possessed.