Julia's Smart Kitchen will take over the duties of your personal chef

CookingPal has unveiled a smart kitchen called Julia at CES 2020. It is distinguished from its counterparts by a caring attitude towards the user, who by default is considered a complete novice in cooking. This means that the whole process of cooking will be spelled out in steps, and for every, even the most naive question, Julia will be able to give practical advice.

Structurally, the kitchen consists of a cooking module and a control panel. In the basic version, Julia has a 3-liter hob and steamer, plus a frying pan holder. The device independently grinds, cooks, mixes, boils, filters, steams and fries, warming up to 130 ℃. It also weighs the food, whips it up and emulsifies it, and when it’s finished, it will wash itself, if you pour a cleaning agent and set the desired mode.

The tablet is resistant to water and dust, equipped with a stand and a special control wheel so as not to touch the screen with dirty hands. It also supports voice commands and reports on the processes taking place in the cooking module. If necessary, you can duplicate most of the functions in the smartphone application.

An interesting option - Julia, using a camera with a food recognition system, can examine the contents of the refrigerator and select recipes for dishes that can be prepared from them. She will also explain in detail the role of each component, know how to order fresh food from the online store and give advice on how to handle it. The smart kitchen will go on sale by the end of 2020, at a price “below $ 1000, ” according to the manufacturer.