KFC launches its own experiment to replace natural meat

Fast food chain KFC will conduct a one-day experiment to replace one of its main dishes - fried chicken - with a pseudo meat counterpart. We are talking about the technology "Beyond Meat", which is gaining momentum in the United States. Now, specifically for KFC, a Beyond Fried Chicken blend has been developed.

Cobb Parkway in Atlanta, Georgia was selected for the presentation of the novelty. The pseudo-chicken will be served in the form of nuggets and boneless fried wings. Only the meat part of the dish is subject to replacement, the signature set of 11 herbs as a seasoning, plus various sauces, remain the same.

KFC explains what is happening simply - no matter how many adherents of pseudo-meat there are, the main thing is that they are, and the demand for such products is already growing. This means that you need to adjust the menu so as not to miss out on customers. Nobody imposes "no-meat" on the restaurant diners, but if they like it, the company will react accordingly.